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Local Moving Are Charged By The Hour!

Loading, transportation, and unloading Padding of all furniture with blankets Free estimates
Basic replacement valuation protection Punctual, professional, and efficient crew Fully equipped 26 foot truck.

The truck will be equipped with additional boxes and packing materials that can be provided at an extra charge, even at the last minute.

Your goods may even be stored overnight or up to one month in our climate controlled, private warehouse for no additional charge.

AC Local Moving & Storage, Have the best local movers, provides a qualified service to assure our customers a safe and pleasant move.

You may choose to request an onsite estimate based on the size and location of your move by simply pressing go or you may choose to fill out the item list below so that we may give you a more accurate estimate. Either way one of our representatives will get back to you with a moving estimate as soon as possible!

We Guarantee Great Service At The Lowest.

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